Anatomy Course

Are you collecing anatomy books trying to learn anatomy and how it applies to your role as a movement practioner?  

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Learn in modules

Focus on the area you want when you need it. Each section is specific to joints and the movements available at those joints.  And the best part is this is in your library forever. You can come back anytime to find what you need.

Each joint and its movement

Here is an example of our Shoulder Module.  We have segmented the shoulder into the movements available. Within each segment you will find details regarding muscle location as well as pictures to assist you further.

Each segment details the muscles involved

Learn origins and insertions and unique characteristics to the area involved.

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We are building a library of products designed to assist the Pilates Instructor and the Barre Instructor. Our Anatomy Course is our most in depth program to date. We took what can feel daunting and overwhelming and put it into a form that we found ourselves learning from as well.

Visual Aids

All sections have visual assistance of the musculature, unique bony landmarks as well as a glossary of terms that may not be familiar to you yet

What's Included



Pelvic Floor

Hip Joint

Knee Joint

Ankle Joint


Shoulder Joint

Elbow Joint

The Spine

For the Movement Instructor

Anatomy has to matter to you for you to retain it.  So with that in mind, we have buit into each segment a context between the joint and the movement and your role as a movement instructor. 

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